Sunday, 20 June 2010

jun, 20th - happy father's day....

day 131:

first, a happy Father's Day to my dad (Limi's Dali). this is him, aged 3.

and to A. on his very first Father's Day! (without breaking the no-soppiness-on-the-blog rule) make a fantastic dad! 

Limi gave A. a subscription to Monocle magazine and we also had a fantastic lunch with friends at a gorgeous summer pub.

Limi (with some help from me on the cutting, spelling, printing & sticking) also left A. a graffiti message to wake up to. 

( this pic probably breaks the no-soppiness-on-the-blog rule!)

she's definitely loving the weekends where she gets to see more of A....damn that not every day is Sunday!

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