Monday, 14 June 2010

jun, 14th - tea-party...

day 125:

Alice in Wonderland has always been one of my favourite stories....i even managed to BE Alice in a ballet concert when i was 10. so it completely makes sense that i have always loved throwing tea parties and picnics. this passion started with my dolls and furry animals... i would prop everyone up on the tea/picnic blanket and set out my precious tea-set and we would chat about our day! my mini set has now been replaced with vintage English bone china that i have been collecting for a couple of years and my guests are now able to sit upright on their own....although lately Limi and i have been having the odd picnic and she's about as good at sitting up and making conversation as Blinky.

so, i can't wait for a time when Limi will start to host her own mad-hatter's tea-parties.....I spied these gorgeous food sculptures by British Cream Teas on All Things Original that would have the dolls fighting over the last one....

[Wimbledon favourite strawberries and cream.....yum!]

[British Bourbon chocolate biscuits]

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