Monday, 7 June 2010

jun, 7th - girls can too....

[Limi at her first cricket match yesterday]

day 118:

when we were convinced that we were having a boy (day 1)...i think that A. had already started measuring up the cricket bat and promising that if I let our son play for Australia instead of South Africa, he would let me warm my cold hands on his warm belly forever more....

he dreamt about taking our son to his cricket matches on the weekend and instilling his love of the game from an early age....i dreamt about long, kid-free Sundays spent covered in bubbles, paint or the duvet. 

having a girl stopped these thoughts in their tracks but...i come from a non sexist mum did a brick-laying course and built our braai/bbq and my dad enjoys cooking (and that's not just limited to bbq-ing meat) i've never felt constrained by being a girl. although Limi can't realise A.'s dream of playing for the Men's Australian cricket team there are some things that i feel that she should learn to do just as well as any boy:

- throw a ball (there's no physical reason that girls can't throw balls...even though my brother disagrees....we're just not taught!)
- kick a ball without breaking a toe (same reasoning as above)
- change a tyre
- explain the off-side fact be able to talk about a sporting match without commenting on the clothes or the men's calves
- work a drill


- learn how to keep score for cricket as soon as she can talk and write....a cunning way to reclaim my Sundays!!

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