Wednesday, 30 June 2010

jun, 30th - note to self....

day 138:

a serious note to self!

limi will not always want to sleep, curled up on my chest.....savour this while i can.....

other notes to self this week:

* strangers do not find limi's high-pitched squealing, cute...just annoying and high-pitched
* when handing limi to friends with long hair....remember to include a hair tie
* just because you're doing it, doesn't mean it's not still grannified to lick a finger and wipe limi's face


not sure how this amazing company passed me by....still on my tea-party theme...they make the most fantastical biscuits. 

they're called Biscuiteers! their theme-d collections come in wonderfully old fashioned tins. (they'd be fantastic as a ribbon tin once the biscuits are finished.) i'm especially in love with the Paris tin....

well, and the London tin.....and the Handbags tin.....and the Wimbledon tin....

plus they will also do a bespoke tin....i think a tin of Mini Coopers would go down very well with my nephew.

Biscuiteers photos:

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