Tuesday, 1 June 2010

jun, 1st - first inclination.....

[pic at 28 weeks]

day 112:

so, exactly one year ago today, i found out i was pregnant.....

i would love to say that it was a YAY moment (although for the record...A. bypassed shock and went straight to excited which was amazing) but for me...the initial reaction was claustrophobia....i suddenly felt like my life and body wouldn't be mine again for a very long time and i actually witnessed my independence get up, pack a bag and head off for a spontaneous globetrot!!

lots of the thoughts that collided in my head at that instant have come true: 

- we didn't make it to two of our best friends' weddings in January

- body parts do need a lot more work

- i didn't have a summer g&t last year

- it will never just be A. and i again

- i will have to delay returning to India

but those initial thoughts drifted off and i really loved being pregnant!

wow....a lot has happened in a year!

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