Thursday, 10 June 2010

jun, 10th - Etsy UK....

day 121:

i have been hunting around for a UK version of Etsy. i think that it's such an amazing concept (can i say that A. and i discussed something similar 8 years know a 'wow, wouldn't it be cool if.....' chat over dinner.......but we never did a smidgen of a thing about it.....oh hum!!!) for anyone who hasn't discovered it yet, it's a popular website that allows individual (mainly US) craftsmen and women to create their own online, market-style stall through which to sell their wares. it is especially amazing for original, hand-crafted kids' stuff....the type of thing that people used to make when they had more time and less mass-produced options.

although there are UK based sellers on Etsy and some US 'stalls' will also post overseas, I was still keen to discover whether there was anything more local that offered a wide selection and quoted prices in pounds.

I did some google digging and found the following....rated in my order of preference:

1. DaWanda -

European flavour to the products - think offbeat colours and quirky combinations (seems to have loads of sellers from The Netherlands and Germany). A wide range of products and a category for children. Prices are quoted in Euros. Love this clock for the nursery that you could leave as a line drawing or colour in.

2. All Things Original -

Not a huge kids selection but the quality is fantastic. And there are gorgeous pieces in the Homeware category that could be used to decorate the nursery. Prices in pounds. Spied these gems: 'Crowning Glory' cushion by Karen Hilton Designs and a gorgeous Shima bug baby's blanket by Dearnley Designs.

3. Folksy -

The closest thing to a UK Etsy. Loads their words....'handmade cafty things'. Prices in pounds. Sweet ugly duckling dress by i wish i were a girl.

A couple of others that I found but didn't fancy:

4. Not Mass Produced
5. Coriandr
6. My E Hive

And finally, 4 old-time favourite sites that are not exactly online market-stall traders but still feature wonderful, homemade/reclaimed wares:

Best for - decorative bits and future heirlooms.

2. Cox & Cox -
Best for - dress-up outfits and decorative bits.

3. not on the high street -
Best for - small collections that have been through a selection process

Best for - wooden toys and simple basics

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