Sunday, 6 June 2010

jun, 6th - 4 months.....

day 117:

4 months old today!

Dimensions & Weight:

Lenth - 63cms
Foot Length - 9.5cms
Hand Length - 7.5cms
Ear Length - 4.5cms

Weight - not sure...tried to weigh her on the home scale and the cooking scale but couldn't get either to work properly...alas, will have to take her in to the doctors!*

This Month's Likes & Dislikes:

Likes -
  • blowing rasberries....both giving and receiving
  • eating toes...and trying for a whole foot
  • rolling onto her side
  • being read to....we've started Winnie-the-Pooh reading hour (okay...reading 15 minutes)
  • crazy kicking legs and waving arms

  • baths...with some impressive, crazy-kicking-legs-and-waving-arms splashing these days
  • full-on pouting (brand new thing in the last two days)

Dislikes -
  • sleeping in.....time that could be spent toe eating
  • wearing socks....hinders toe eating
  • wearing baby-gros with feet.....hinders toe eating
  • sitting in the bumbo....hinders toe eating
  • sitting in the bouncing chair...hinders toe eating

* i weighed her on day 120 and she is now 5.90kgs....which is between 25 & 50% on the baby percentile perfectly normal.yay!

ps. after discovering Hipstamatic (day 115), a friend enlightened me to Polarize, a free iPhone app that turns your pics into a POLAROID!!! The above photos were all taken playing around with this app.

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